Andra TocaciuAndra Tocaciu is a Romanian living and working in Luxembourg. She is an accredited organisational psychologist and L&D Manager and has been fortunate to be with an organisation that supports learning and development. In fact, it was Andra’s manager who recommended Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair’s coach training programmes.

“I had a knowledge of coaching from my psychology degrees and had been using it as part of my work in various contexts. It was very important for me to get some accredited training, especially from the ICF, which is the golden standard in coaching, just to make sure that my skill set is formalized and that the support I provide the organization is high quality and follows the ICF Core Competencies.”

In her professional life, the coach training has had a really important impact. As an internal coach, she states, “it’s definitely made me more effective and more confident to know that my skillset is supported by sound training.” In her personal life, it’s transformed the way she approaches problems and obstacles and makes important decisions. She concludes with, “I would say … it’s made me more resourceful.”

Andra goes on to explain that accredited coach training has enhanced her skillset and has had “a really positive impact on my own line management as well, where I use coaching more consciously now to play my part and driving high performance and enabling and empowering.”

Andra has completed the Science & Art of Coaching and Mentor Coaching Group programmes with Coach Advancement. She is currently working toward earning her ICF Associate Certified Coach Credential and looking forward to developing her team coaching skills in the future. 

Watch her full story here:

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