Crossing the Edges


For the purpose of this article, I would like to invite you to think about the coaching process from a different perspective. When we coach clients towards the goal they want to achieve, most of the time we can observe the phenomenon of increasing resistance, a sense of being challenged, an uncomfortable feeling of moving towards the unknown. All of the above is showing up while the clients are getting closer to what they really want. Now imagine that there is an edge, line, boundary, limit that needs to be crossed so they can move forward. This is the moment ...

Crossing the Edges2024-06-03T18:58:00+01:00

Managing Workplace Stress and Overwhelm


In a fast-paced digital world at different times in our lives, we may experience workplace stress or overwhelm. It can last for a few minutes, or for a longer period of time. In my coaching sessions, I am pleased to see that in a post-COVID world, people have become even more equipped to identify the sources of overwhelm and take steps to manage it. In this article, we explore some of the triggers, the warning signs and possible strategies to support our teams to manage their feelings of stress or overwhelm. Our body knows what’s going on before our mind ...

Managing Workplace Stress and Overwhelm2024-05-06T18:55:32+01:00
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