Ethics, Integrity and Transparency Statement

As an ICF Accredited training provider, we fully abide by and emphasise the ICF Code of Ethics and its Core Values. Meeting these ethical standards of behaviour is the first of the ICF core coaching competencies.

We embody integrity in our work through our own core values which are :

  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Learning
  • Inclusion
  • Variety
  • Choice
  • Potential

Our commitment to transparency is exemplified in various ways. This includes a sales policy that is driven by offering the very best, objective advice we can (even if that means recommending a different provider or source of education to a potential student) through to being fully open to student feedback, participation and contribution to how our programme schedule is delivered. We also welcome feedback in the form of complaints if anyone feels dissatisfied in any way and finally, we seek to create at all times a safe, supportive and co-created learning environment that fully embraces the contribution of students to enhance the exchange of knowledge and experience for everyone. Further, we work to provide fair and equitable pricing for all programs to ensure access and quality of coaching education.