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Coaching is an incredibly fast-growing profession and many people calling themselves coaches are operating in all aspects of the marketplace. Over the years, we have seen three key differentiators regarding those coaches whose business develops well over time and those whose coaching practice doesn’t quite “take off”…

One is undertaking professionally recognised and accredited coach training.

The second is investing in ongoing professional and personal development

The third is approaching the set-up of your coaching practice as a business venture and taking the appropriate and necessary steps to establish a foundation for success. This programme will give you that foundation and access to our Coach Advancement Business Development Community will help you to build upon it!

We will create a space for you to:

  • Connect
  • Network
  • Inspire
  • Catalyse
  • Enable
  • Accelerate…!

…so that you can take your business forward and turn your aspiration into reality!

This year-long programme initially comprises 2-days spread across four-half day virtual Modules which will cover the following areas and give you the kick-start you need to launch your coaching business!


  • Getting clarity what you want from your coaching practice, your vision, and goals and how you can most effectively articulate them.
  • Identifying your marketplace and how your offering fits in.
  • Developing a marketing strategy.


  • Identifying your audience and their needs.
  • Exploring how you will reach them, engage with them and share your offering.
  • Clarifying how you will ask for business and ask for fees.


  • Exploring how much you want to work and how much you want or need to earn.
  • Establishing a free structure and what kinds of coaching packages you might offer.
  • Drafted the framework for your business plan.
  • What the legal considerations you must factor in?


  • Identifying the core content for your coaching contract.
  • Considering what tools and/or assessments you might offer.
  • Establishing what other documentation will you provide:
    • Pre-/Post-Coaching session.
    • Induction package.
    • Chemistry session info.
    • What is coaching and how to get the best from your coach.
    • How to hire a coach.
    • Wheel of life, etc.


The modules will introduce various tools and techniques to help you explore, define, and articulate various aspects of your business development plans. However, the programme doesn’t end there…during the modules, you will have the opportunity to discuss and progress your ideas and plans with your other colleagues on the programme.

In between and after the modules, you will be invited to connect in a peer coaching setting, offering you accountability buddies across the following  9-months really supporting you to embed your goals and plans. Your peer coaching hours spent together are contracted for and so you also have the added benefit of being able to log them for your client work log!

Throughout that period we will also come back together as a group for three quarterly follow up sessions to share progress, ask questions, get lots of support and encouragement to design and build your coaching practice.

All in all, this programme offers you an year-long source of input, resources, support and connection and thereby turn your aspirations into reality!

On top of that, once you have completed the programme, you will be invited to be part of our active and growing Coach Advancement Alumni Community where you can continue to learn and grow together over time whilst accessing our range of alumni benefits.


You will:

  • Use various tools to help you explore, define and gain clarity on various important aspects of establishing a professional coaching practice.
  • Have the opportunity to work closely with other colleagues to develop your plans during the sessions and seek input and ideas from your peer group.
  • Be coached (in between the sessions) by one of your peer group colleagues on the ongoing development of your plans, thereby having a supportive accountability buddy.
  • Leave the programme with:
    • A coaching contract framework.
    • A drafted coaching induction package for use with your clients.
    • Drafted content for your overall Business Plan.
    • Core concepts captured for your brand.
    • A resources document to help you keep exploring and developing your business plans over time.
    • Invitation to join the Coach Advancement Alumni Community and benefits package.

Recommended for:

This programme is recommended for any coach who wants to focus on establishing their coaching practice in a sustainable way that meets their goals and expectations for success.

The programme is particularly helpful to coaches who are completing or have just finished their coach training; however, it is also useful for any coach who wants to focus on their business development.

You will be able to log up to 6 hours of coaching for your client hours log as part of the inter-module peer coaching aspect of this programme. For coaches already holding an ICF Credential, your certificate will also note 12 CCEs (RD) for your credential renewal log.

This programme is offered in English.

Summer 2024

Module 1: June 11, 2024 at 9 – 12.15 pm (London time)

Module 2: June 25, 2024 at 9 – 12.15 pm (London time)

Module 3: July 9, 2024 at 9 – 12.15 pm (London time)

Module 4: July 23, 2024 at 9 – 12.15 pm (London time)

Follow up Session 1: November 1, 2024 at 9.30am – 11.30am (London time)

Follow up Session 2: January 31, 1, 2025 at 9.30am – 11.30am (London time)

Follow up Session 3: April 25, 2025 at 9.30am – 11.30am (London time)

Due to additional interest in this programme, watch this space for upcoming dates for a 2024 Winter School and 2025 Spring/Summer School!

This programme is subject to securing a minimum number of participants to form a cohort.

Your Investment

Our Business Development for Coaches programme includes

  • 12-hours of learning via four half-day modules in our virtual classroom (*)
  • Access to a Business Development Resource Pack.
  • Inter-module coaching sessions with accountability buddies to keep you on track with your business plans.
  • 10+ Peer coaching hours to add to your client log.
  • 6-hours via three x 2-hour follow up sessions
  • Access to post-programme Coach Advancement Alumni Community with associated alumni benefits

(*) The programme includes exercises for you to continue to work on and progress, both by yourselves and with your colleagues in between each module. To get the very best out of this experience, we highly recommend that you give yourself the full day to focus on this important aspect of your work each time that we connect so that you can fully utilise the energy, inspiration, ideas and momentum created on the workshop!

Programme fees: £720 (including taxes)

Coach Advancement Alumni can attend this programme for a discounted fee of £600 (including taxes). Get your code by emailing

We value our alumni community. Once you’ve completed a coach training programme with Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair, you will unlock a number of exclusive benefits including discounts, coaching clinics, peer coaching, social impact project opportunities and more! Learn more about the ways we continue to support coaches who have trained with us here

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