A Coaching Culture is a Feature of an Exceptional Organisation

Increasingly, organisations are discovering and leveraging the power of coaching to develop their employees, increase motivation and engagement and ultimately achieve better results. Yet, few leaders invest enough time and energy on coaching for the many benefits of building coaching culture to be realised, despite having been trained in coaching skills.

What is Coaching Culture?

So, what is a “coaching culture?” Well, it’s more than just offering coaching to lots of people. A coaching culture is when coaching becomes a “way of working” within an organisation and is embedded within the organisation’s philosophy and values rather than simply being a desired skill-set or benefit for a few individuals. In this way, coaching becomes integrated and infused within processes and practices across the whole organisation at every level.

Building Coaching Culture

Does that sound like a huge task? It doesn’t have to be! Coach Advancement can support you with simple steps and scalable building blocks tailored to suit your organisation. Each step toward building coaching culture can reap valuable benefits for your organisation, including:

  • Improved business results and outcomes
  • Capitalising on talent
  • Increased retention of high performers
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Diversity and diverse thinking
  • Inclusive leadership and culture
  • Sustainability
  • Underpinning social responsibility and the “responsible business”
  • Positive contribution for impact on employees personal life, local community, family and society at large (the “ripple” effect)
  • More effective change management
  • Enhanced internal mobility
  • Employees better prepared and ready for senior positions
  • Higher levels of productivity
  • Better communication skills and teamwork
  • Effective leadership practices
  • Improved decision-making

Customized for You

We can help you with any or all of the following three core services so that you can start building your organisation’s coaching culture today:

1. Coaching Culture Strategy

We can help you to develop a Coaching Culture Strategy that is specifically suited to your organisation which:

  • Links coaching to the delivery of your organisation’s strategic goals
  • Provides all leaders with at least a basic understanding of coaching and coaching skills
  • Teaches employees how to get the best out of being coached
  • Provides in-depth coach training for internal coaches
  • Establishes an internal coaching resource pool
  • Sources the best external coaches when needed
  • Incorporates a coaching quality assurance and measurement process
  • Integrates good coaching practice with performance review and recognition processes
  • Provides supervision and mentor coaching
  • Enables positive senior role modelling and commitment
  • Identifies and addresses barriers to success

2. Leveraging 3 Key Modalities

Organisations that effectively build strong coaching cultures, successfully leverage all three modalities of coaching:

  • External coaches – we will help you to source the best coaches for your people
  • Internal coaches – we can train, develop and support a sustainable internal coaching resource
  • Managers and leaders using coaching skills – we can provide your managers and leaders with practical coaching skills to transform their leadership impact

3. Implementation Management

We can support you to effectively implement your Coaching Culture Strategy; either by offering an initial and interim Project Management service or by mentoring/assisting your assigned internal owner for this important role.

Your investment in building a strong coaching culture will pay off. Industry research shows that organisations with strong coaching cultures report upward trends in the benefits noted above so contact us today to find out more and explore how we can help you!

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