Cultivating Well-being in Coaches and their Clients – CPD Session

Workshop: Thursday, October 10, 2024, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Follow-up session: Thursday, November 28, 2024, 9:30 – 11 am

Apart from our well-being having significant importance for us personally, it also informs and underpins our professionalism when it comes to our ability to work effectively with our clients. Our own well-being will inform how we are able to listen to our clients; it will inform our presence with them, and it will also inform if and how we can embody a coaching mindset.

Part of ICF Competency 2: Embodies a Coaching Mindset states that, as coaches, we:

  • develop and maintain the ability to regulate our emotions.
  • mentally and emotionally prepare for sessions.
  • use awareness of self and one’s intuition to benefit clients.
  • develop an ongoing reflective practice to enhance our coaching reflective practice.

This workshop will help you gain valuable insights into the importance of personal well-being as a coach practitioner, as you delve through self-assessment, reflective practices and practical exercises. It aims to equip you with a greater level of self-awareness, identifying the strengths you can harness and the areas you want to focus on developing, to cultivate and embody an optimal coaching mindset in service of your clients. The workshop will provide you with the necessary tools and techniques to further support your mental and emotional preparedness to deliver your coaching practice, leading to more mindful interactions with your clients. 

It will also offer you the opportunity to consider how you can most effectively leverage your self-awareness and wellbeing to benefit your clients and underpin your ability to regulate your emotions when working with them. Your own foundation of well-being enables you to be more client-centred, which enhances your capacity for showing support and empathy, as well as demonstrating openness, transparency, and vulnerability from a healthy and functional place. Your well-being provides a strong foundation from which to coach, in a way that allows you to bring to life and effectively work with all of the ICF Core Competencies.

A few weeks after the initial workshop, the follow-up session will provide you with a reflective journey on progress towards the intentions you developed at the initial session. This is your opportunity to identify the well-being challenges that remain unyielding and identify the blockers, resources and support required to help you move towards the well-being vision that you want to create for yourself.

Why attend?

  • Enhance your skills – develop the mental and emotional preparedness to enhance your coaching mindset. Deepen your capacity to embody a coaching mindset, deeply listen to and be fully present with your clients. 
  • Personal growth – invest in your own wellbeing and personal development.
  • Improved coaching practice – gain insights and expand your self-awareness to enhance the service you provide to clients.

ICF Continuing Coach Education (CCE)Participants will receive 6 ICF CCEs for the completing this session as part of their Continuing Professional Development and to support the ICF credential renewal process!

Key Takeaways

Key takeaways:

  • Reflect and understand how well-being impacts you as a coach practitioner.
  • Delve into your own personal well-being assessment.
  • Self-awareness and your well-being intentions to benefit you and your clients.
  • Strategies to support your mental and emotional preparedness.
  • Identify improvements to your coaching skills, leading to more holistic and effective coaching practices.
  • Explore your ongoing well-being journey of self-discovery.

As coaches, our service to others can sometimes get in the way of our own needs. Although this selfless attitude is commendable, our own mental and emotional wellbeing is as important as our coaching expertise. We may not always practice what we preach, but by putting ourselves first in terms of well-being, the service we provide to our clients can be elevated to a win-win for everyone.

Meet the Instructor

Shwezin WinShwezin Win, ACC is a professionally qualified coach. She brings a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge from more than 25 years in senior positions in large corporates, managing large teams, whilst bringing up a family, to empower working parents to thrive. Her passion for authenticity, the ability to “bring your whole self” to work led her to set up to Win at life, helping organisations to provide parents in the workplace support throughout the entire parenting journey – return from parental leave is just the beginning. Shwezin provides coaching workshops for maternity/paternity returners, 121 coaching for parents and young adults, as well as a range of webinars on wellbeing. She sees giving back as a crucial part of her purpose and volunteers as an Enterprise Advisor for a local school, as well as providing interview practice for students and as a Trustee to a charity focused on ensuring no young woman is invisible. Shwezin has her coaching practice in Sussex, where she lives with her husband, two daughters and two stepchildren. When she’s not working, you’ll find her singing in the local choir, having a quick work out or on fun activities with the family. Visit her website more information on her work or contact her at



Coach Advancement Alumni can attend for a discounted fee of £240. Get your code by emailing

ICF Continuing Coach Education (CCE)Participants will receive 6 ICF CCEs for the completing this session as part of their Continuing Professional Development and to support the ICF credential renewal process!

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