The International Coaching Federation (ICF) describes and outlines Mentor Coaching in the following way:

Mentor Coaching for an ICF credential consists of coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative and dialogued process based on an observed or recorded coaching session to increase the coach’s capability in coaching, in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies.

The purpose is to provide professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of coaching competency and capability demanded by the desired credential level.

Candidates on the MCC application path must document at least 10 hours of Mentor Coaching on their application. Mentor Coaching hours submitted with an MCC Credential application cannot be the same Mentor Coaching hours applied toward a previous application for the ACC or PCC.

They are required to partner with a Mentor Coach who holds a valid MCC credential.

Mentor Coaching should take place over an extended time (three-month minimum) in a cycle that allows for listening and feedback from the Mentor Coach while also allowing reflection and practice on the part of the individual being mentored.

Using the ICF Competency Framework for how each competency is measured for the MCC credential, the Mentor Coach and Mentee(s) will work together to provide the support required by the individual to enable them to reach and preferably exceed the level required.

In doing so they explore together their understanding of what each competency really means and how it shows up in coaching – i.e., taking the words and making them meaningful.

Our 10-hour Mentor Coaching programme focuses on:

  1. Exploring what “Mastery” in Coaching means for you.
  2. Developing your Coaching Skills.
  3. Reviewing the 8 ICF Core Competencies in detail.
  4. Reviewing the ICF Code of Ethics and Core Values.
  5. Understanding how they relate to your coaching and your style of coaching.
  6. Reviewing a minimum of 3 recorded coaching sessions.
  7. Receiving feedback on strengths and development opportunities in service of your own best practice as a practitioner.

The end of the programme will result in you being able to provide our details as confirmation of your 10 completed mentor coaching hours at the point of your on-line credential application with ICF.

If, by the end of the programme, the appropriate skill level is not perceived to have been attained, feedback will be offered, and additional sessions can be contracted for if desired. In addition, this programme does not guarantee successful completion of the credential application and the assessment process, as this is at the discretion of ICF.

Due to the nature of this programme, we typically work with small groups to maximise the depth of exploration and development. This means that a cohort will only go ahead if there are enough coaches ready for this process at that time and who want to engage in the programme with us. Therefore the minimum number is 3 participants and, should there not be enough to start a particular cohort, we will offer a place to those interested on the subsequent cohort and so on.

To ensure that this is the most appropriate and helpful developmental step for you at this time, we invite those interested to complete our application process which includes submission of a brief application form along with a recording and transcript of a piece of your client work that you feel is “MCC-ready”. We will review this piece of work and provide you with feedback on our observations against the MCC minimum requirements as well as our guidance on the timing of your application to join this programme.

The programme takes approximately 8-9-months to complete and is accredited with 18.5 Core Competency CCEs or 10 hours of Mentor Coaching plus 8.5 Core Competency CCEs (which is an additional benefit of further CCEs for those credentialed coaches when renewing their credential).

ICF Continuing Coach Education

Recommended for Coaches

This programme is recommended for coaches wishing to complete the Mentor Coaching element of their pathway toward an ICF MCC credential application. The focus of this programme is therefore on Mentor Coaching (as opposed to MCC level Coaching Education, which is assumed to have been already completed).

It is also recommended for coaches already holding their MCC credential as a form of meaningful Continuing Professional Development toward their credential renewal.

It is an opportunity, within a safe, virtual small group setting to work closely with colleagues in reflective practice, an exploration of the meaning of “mastery” in coaching, and a re-immersion into the nuances of the ICF Core Competencies. It also offers the opportunity to have examples of your client work reviewed, for you to self-reflect on your work and to highlight strengths and ongoing development opportunities in a reflective dialogue with a Mentor Coach.

This programme is offered in English.

For your own planning purposes, the approximate/minimum time for your investment in this programme and development process is outlined below. However, you are of course, very welcome to invest more time than this, if you would like to, and have the time available.

  • Prework: 2 hours
  • Group Sessions: 8 hours
  • Inter-session Peer Group Work: 6-9 hours
  • Inter-session Individual Work: 8-10.5 hours
  • 1-1 Sessions (including your own preparation): 6-8 hours

The overall timeline for this programme is approximately 8-9-months.

2024 (Autumn cohort)

  • Group Kick-Off: Tuesday 3 September 2024, 2.30pm – 3.30pm (London time)
  • Module 1: Tuesday 17 September 2024, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 2: Tuesday 26 November 2024, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 3: Tuesday 18 February 2025, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 4: Tuesday 29 April 2025, 1pm – 3pm (London time)

2025 (Spring cohort)

  • Group Kick-Off: Tuesday 21 January 2025, 1pm – 2pm (London time)
  • Module 1: Tuesday 4 February 2025, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 2: Tuesday 1 April 2025, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 3: Tuesday 3 June 2025, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 4: Tuesday 9 September 2025, 1pm – 3pm (London time)

2025 (Autumn cohort)

  • Group Kick-Off: Tuesday 16 September 2025, 1pm – 2pm (London time)
  • Module 1: Tuesday 30 September 2025, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 2: Tuesday 25 November 2025, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 3: Tuesday 20 January 2026, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 4: Tuesday 17 March 2026, 1pm – 3pm (London time)

Your Investment

Our MCC Mentor Coaching Group Programmes includes:

  • Programme kick-off session.
  • 8-hours of group work.
  • 3 hours of 1-1 mentor coaching (working with client recordings).
  • Live Practice Peer Coaching Groups.
  • Access to a Resource Pack and in-depth ICF Core Competency video series (worth £295)
  • Individual inter-module developmental assignments.
  • Access to post-programme Coach Advancement Alumni Community with associated alumni benefits.

Programme Fees: £3,000 (inclusive of taxes)

We are happy to offer easy instalment payment plans for self-funded students.

We value our alumni community. Once you’ve completed a coach training programme with Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair, you will unlock a number of exclusive benefits including discounts, coaching clinics, peer coaching, social impact project opportunities and more! Learn more about the ways we continue to support coaches who have trained with us here

“I’ve learned so much from this rigorous course. Namely, how to strip back and simplify my coaching — which is easier said than done. And how the very things that made me want to obtain my MCC — my competitiveness, my drive, my ambition — are the things that I need to gently move aside in order to coach in a masterful way.  It’s been a wonderful mixture of learning and growth alongside some wonderful coaches.”

Lisa Quinn, Executive and Leadership Coach

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