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ACC/PCC Mentor Coaching Group Programme2024-07-04T10:51:17+01:00

The purpose of Mentor Coaching is primarily to deepen your understanding and demonstration of the ICF Core Competencies and therefore your skills and confidence as a practicing coach. To that end, there are four main reasons you might want or need to complete a Mentor Coaching package:

  1. Mentor Coaching as part of your ICF credential application – some Coaching Education programmes include the required 10-hours of Mentor Coaching as part of their offering. If you have not completed this aspect, you may like to join our Mentor Coaching Programme noted below.
  2. Mentor Coaching as part of your ICF ACC renewal – part of the ICF ACC renewal process is that coaches much repeat a package of 10-hours of Mentor Coaching. Those 10 hours form part of the total of 40 CCE units required for credential renewal every three years.
  3. Mentor Coaching as part of your PCC Performance Evaluation preparation – you may have already completed the required Mentor Coaching element. However, if this was some time ago, you might want to do a little more work with a Mentor Coach to help you feel more prepared for the Performance Evaluation process at PCC level and receive feedback on your coaching against the PCC Markers.
  4. Mentor Coaching as part of your regular and ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – Mentor Coaching is a really valuable form of CPD for all coaches as it keeps us fresh and grounded into the ICF Core Competencies and also enables us to engage in powerful reflective practice on our work with our clients.

In support of these approaches to Mentor Coaching, we offer a range of packages for your Mentor Coaching requirements, including:

Mentor Coaching Group Programme (MCG)

Our Mentor Coaching Group programme has four simple steps:

  1. Individual programme preparation (1.5 hours)
  2. Four x two-hour online Group Mentor Coaching sessions (8 hours)
  3. Three hours of 1-1 Mentor Coaching sessions (3 hours)
  4. Peer coaching sessions in-between each online session focussing on specific ICF Core Competencies as the programme progresses (6 hours)

This programme fulfils the 10 hours of coach mentoring required for your ICF Credential application or ACC credential renewal.

The programme takes approximately 4-months to complete and is accredited with 18.5 Core Competency CCEs or 10 hours of Mentor Coaching plus 8.5 Core Competency CCEs (which is an additional benefit of further CCEs for those credentialed coaches when renewing their credential). This programme typically runs twice each year (Spring and Autumn) and you can see details of our schedule in the schedule tab.

Mentor Coaching for an ICF credential consists of coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative and dialogued process based on an observed or recorded coaching session to increase the coach’s capability in coaching, in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies. On our Mentor Coaching Group programmes we work with real examples of recorded coaching sessions for us to study and explore together where and how the competencies are demonstrated. We also work with recorded examples of your own client work. It is therefore important for you to contract with and secure permission from one of more of your clients to work with us on recordings of your work with them for your learning and development purposes. This will form the basis of your 3 x 1-1 sessions with a Mentor Coach and so you will need to be actively coaching with at least one client for this process.

Bespoke Mentor Coaching Packages

This is typically a 1-1 approach, and you can complete as many sessions as you like, based upon your wants, and needs. We are happy to liaise with you to establish a bespoke approach that will work best for you.

Blended Mentor Coaching and Supervision CPD Package

Both Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision are powerful and valuable forms of CPD for coaches. To that end, ICF allows coaches to allocate up to 10 hours of each of these ways of working every three years as part of the 40-hours of CPD/CCEs needed for credential renewal. We offer an annual blended group programme which provides you with a complete package towards your CPD plan.

More information about our Mentor Coaching and Supervision CPD Packages coming soon!

Recommended for Coaches

This programme is for coaches wanting to apply for their ACC or PCC ICF Credential, apply for their ACC renewal, or any coach who wants to invest in themselves and their coaching practice as part of their professional pride, integrity and on-going development toward coaching maturity.

This programme is offered in English.

Autumn 2024 Cohort:

  • Module 1: September 6, 2024, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 2: October 4, 2024, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 3: November 1, 2024, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 4: November 29, 2024, 1pm – 3pm (London time)

Spring 2025 Cohort:

  • Module 1: March 31, 2025, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 2: April 28, 2025, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 3: June 2, 2025, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 4: June 23, 2025, 1pm – 3pm (London time)

Autumn 2025 Cohort:

  • Module 1: September 8, 2025, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 2: October 6, 2025, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 3: November 3, 2025, 1pm – 3pm (London time)
  • Module 4: December 1, 2025, 1pm – 3pm (London time)

Your Investment

The Mentor Coaching Group Programme includes:

  • Eight-hours of group Mentor Coaching in our virtual classroom
  • Three-hours of 1-1 Mentor Coaching (working with client recordings)
  • Live Practice Peer Coaching Groups
  • Access to an in-depth ICF Core Competency video series (worth £295)
  • Individual inter-module developmental assignments
  • Access to post-programme Coach Advancement Alumni Community with associated alumni benefits

£1,740 (including taxes)

We are happy to offer staged instalment payment plans for self-funded students to help spread the cost across your development timeline.

We value our alumni community. Once you’ve completed a coach training programme with Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair, you will unlock a number of exclusive benefits including discounts, coaching clinics, peer coaching, social impact project opportunities and more! Learn more about the ways we continue to support coaches who have trained with us here

“What an enriching experience for any coach! The whole process was exceptionally well-led, well thought-through and well-managed. I benefited greatly in deepening my coaching impact … There is not a coach in the world who would not benefit from this programme.”

Paul Gallichan-Todd, Talent development Manager, Travelport
“This mentoring programme was transformational for me as a Global Executive and Leadership coach. I truly recommend this programme for all professional coaches who want to take their coaching skills to the next level. I can see big improvements regarding the competences and I feel more confident challenging my clients in more powerful and efficient ways than before.”

Alda Sigurdardottir, Executive and leadership coach and owner of Vendum

“I had been coaching executives successfully for quite some time, and still wanted to fine-tune my coaching skills. … The investment in this mentor coaching was way more valuable than I had anticipated. I warmly recommend this program for any experienced coach who wants to explore their skills and be challenged to become a masterful coach.”

Mentor Coaching Programme Participant
“What an enriching experience for any coach! The whole process was exceptionally well-led, well thought-through and well-managed. I benefited greatly in deepening my coaching impact, which is and will continue to positively impact my clients. Both group and individual sessions allowed us all to benefit from Hilary and Tracy’s rich value as coaches.  Their rigour also helped us grow accustomed to referring consistently to the PCC markers, which is a great habit to have.  There is not a coach in the world who would not benefit from this programme.”
Mentor Coaching Programme Participant

I’m interested in Mentor Coaching!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the mentor coaching work?2021-01-22T20:56:23+00:00
Over the course of 10 hours and over a minimum of a 3-month period, the mentor coach will undertake a complete review of the ICF Core Competency model with you. They will also listen to your coaching and give specific feedback on how you are evidencing those competencies and will offer a professional opinion as to your level of expertise against the ACC and PCC requirements.
How does a mentor coach work?2023-06-29T23:22:20+01:00
Mentor Coaches working with you for credentialing may have different approaches. However, the key focus is that the mentoring is specifically on how a coach evidences the ICF Core Competencies. The approach may differ also if you are having only individual sessions or a mix of group and individual. The mentor will provide feedback against the competencies and will help you gauge when you are ready to apply for your credential. At Coach Advancement Limited, our mentors always work towards the PCC competency level regardless of whether you are aiming for your ACC or PCC credential.
How many sessions do I need to have?2021-01-22T20:59:37+00:00
The International Coaching Federation (ICF) requires 10 hours of Mentor Coaching to be completed in order to apply for your ACC/PCC or MCC credential. At least 3 of the hours must be individual mentoring (1-1). The 10 hours must span at least a 3-month period.
Can I work in a group?2021-01-22T21:00:02+00:00
Yes, you may work with a group of up to 10 people and have up to 7 hours of group mentor coaching.
How long does an audio recording need to be for mentoring sessions?2023-06-29T23:23:04+01:00
When working with Mentor Coaches at Coach Advancement, you will be asked to share two recordings of your coaching work of between 30-40 mins. maximum in length (this is of a complete piece of coaching work each time).
How long does an audio recording need to be for the ICF assessment?2021-01-22T21:01:33+00:00
The International Coaching Federation (ICF) requires a recording of a complete coaching session of between 20-60 minutes.
Must my audio recording have a professionally created transcript?2021-01-22T21:02:57+00:00
Not necessarily. If you have time yourself, you may transcribe it. This can also offer a valuable development opportunity through the process of reviewing and transcribing your own work. However, it must be verbatim, show Speaker 1 and Speaker 2 and the time that each speaker changes.
Which transcriptions services do you recommend?2021-01-22T21:03:38+00:00
There are a number of services available, and which one you chose will depend upon your budget. Their transcription must meet the requirements noted above.
What part of a coaching session does the mentor need to listen to?2021-01-22T21:04:25+00:00
Your mentor needs to hear a complete coaching session, with a beginning, middle and end.
What information do I need to look at before the mentoring starts?2021-01-22T21:05:02+00:00
Whether ACC or PCC it is good to review the ICF Core CompetenciesICF Code of Ethics, minimum requirement documents for ACC and PCC, and the PCC markers. All can be found on the ICF website and details of these are sent to you as part of your joining instructions to our Group Mentor Coaching Programme.
Can the mentor help me with building my coaching practice?2021-01-22T21:05:42+00:00
Not as part of the 10 hours. You may wish to contract separately with the mentor for this kind of service.
Can the mentor help me with how much I should charge?2021-01-22T21:06:09+00:00
Not as part of the 10 hours. You may wish to contract separately with the mentor for this kind of service.
How long are recordings for the 1-1 sessions kept?2023-06-29T23:23:53+01:00

ICF’s guidelines on the GDPR aspect to this state that: “you mustn’t keep data for longer than necessary.”

In practice this means: reviewing the length of time you keep personal data; considering the purpose or purposes you hold the information for in deciding whether (and for how long) to retain it; securely deleting information that is no longer needed for this purpose or these purposes; and updating, archiving or securely deleting information if it goes out of date.

Coach Advancement Limited will keep recordings for the duration of the mentoring programme, after which they will be deleted. ICF will keep a recording for up to 6 months after receipt, after which they will delete it.

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