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Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair

Rooted in Professionalism and Excellence

Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair offers a complete range of tailored programmes and services to suit your organisation’s requirements:​

Now, more than ever, organisations are in need of way to develop and support their employees to increase motivation, and coaching is an excellent way to achieve this. According to research from the International Coaching Federation, organizations that invest in coaching have higher employee engagement and report above-average revenue growth against industry peers.

To best meet your organization’s needs, we offer a range of external coaching services, coach training for internal coaches, and provisions for coaching skills for managers and leaders.

You may also participate in our Coach Development programmes.



Building Coaching Culture

We can support you in building your organisation's coaching culture with some simple steps and building blocks which are scalable and tailored to suit your needs. Each step towards a coaching culture can reap valuable benefits for your organisation.

“An excellent programme, which shifts learning and skills both as a coach and as a client! Gosh, I didn’t know I had so much of myself to work on!”
Dr. Nicola Tyers, Chief Executive, The Pharmacy Training Company

“This programme has stretched and developed my coaching skills. It has built my confidence to be a great coach.”

Rachel Locke, HR Director, Ciena

“[I gained] a greater understanding of coaching and the difference between that and mentoring.”

Steve Goodwin, L&D Director, Capita

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