Become a Mentor Coach

We equip experienced ICF-credentialed coaches to provide professional Mentor Coaching services for ICF credentialing. Participants must hold a minimum of a ICF PCC credential.

This virtual programme covers an in-depth understanding of the ICF Core Competencies, how the PCC Markers are used for assessment purposes and how to provide effective feedback as a Mentor Coach. It will also provide opportunities to practice Mentor Coaching with other participants as well as engaging with an external Mentee as part of the programme’s curriculum. As a result of attending this programme, not only will participants meet the requirements of Mentor Coaching and receive 39 CCE units, it will also significantly deepen and enhance their own coaching capabilities. This programme also serves as an advanced coach training programme for anyone who wants to further develop their skills as a coach and acquire more CCE units and coach training hours as part of their ongoing continuing professional development.

The programme comprises five virtual workshops, across a 5-month period, totalling 25.5 contact hours. Alongside and in between the workshops, participants should allow for at least 15-hours of individual and group work with colleagues. Participants are also expected to be working with at least one mentee outside of the programme, elements of which will inform programme assignments. The programme culminates in an assessment process, successful completion of which leads you to receive your Certificate in Mentor Coaching for ICF Credentialing.

ICF Continuing Coach Education (CCE)

Course Objectives:

  • Develop in-depth understanding of the different roles a coach may have and the specific distinction of Mentor Coaching for Credentialing.
  • Develop an in-depth understanding and application of ICF Core Competencies.
  • Articulate the difference between ACC and PCC level coaching for each Core Competence.
  • Practice, apply the learning and receive feedback through triad practice groups.
  • Understand the purpose of giving feedback as a Mentor Coach and to establish best practice of verbal and written feedback.
  • Introduce, understand and practice using the ICF PCC Markers as performance evaluation process.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of an ICF Mentor Coach for credentialing purposes and to create appropriate documentation.
  • Know and understand the ICF’s Code of Ethics. Apply the Code of Ethics as a Mentor Coach and how to incorporate the Code into a Mentor Coaching package.

Programme Benefits

  • Full training to become a Mentor Coach for ACC and/or PCC credential applicants.
  • 39 CCE units.
  • Enhancing and deepening your own knowledge of the Core Competencies and the ICF Code of Ethics.
  • Understanding and working with the ICF PCC Markers.
  • Deepening your understanding of the ICF’s credentialing process.
  • Networking and working with like-minded professionals.
  • Professional development.

Recommended for ICF PCC and MCC Coaches

This Mentor Coach training is for coaches who want to invest in themselves and their coaching practice as part of their professional pride, integrity and on-going development towards coaching maturity and offer a professional service to other developing coaches.

This programme is offered in English.

Mentor Coach Training Programme Schedule 2024

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is currently completing a thorough review of the role of the Mentor Coach, which includes exploring the relevant role, tasks and competencies etc. We want to ensure that our programme offers the most value to our participants by providing you with an in-depth development opportunity that fully incorporates the latest thinking, requirements and skills associated with this important role for a coach’s credentialing and development purposes. To that end, we are suspending the delivery of this popular programme until 2025. Please see the next cohort dates below which is already open for registrations.

Mentor Coach Training Programme Schedule 2025

Module 1:

  • Workshop 1: January 6, 2025, 9am – 5pm (London time)
  • Workshop 2: February 3, 2025, 9 am – 5 pm (London time)
  • Workshop 3: March 3, 2025, 9am – 3pm (London time)
  • Inter module assignments

Module 2:

  • Workshop 4: June 9, 2025, 9am – 5pm (London time)
  • Workshop 5: July 7, 2025, 9 am – 5 pm (London time)
  • Post module assignments and programme certification process

Your Investment

The Mentor Coach Training Programme includes:

  • 5 days of learning in our virtual classroom.
  • Access to an in-depth ICF Core Competency video series.
  • Live Practice Peer Mentor Coaching Groups.
  • Individual inter-module developmental assignments.
  • 1-1 reviews with your programme tutor.
  • Assessment and Programme Certification Process.
  • 39 CCE units toward your own credential renewal.
  • Access to post-programme Coach Advancement Alumni Community with associated alumni benefits.

£3,300 (including taxes)

We are happy to offer staged instalment payment plans for self-funded students to help spread the cost across your development timeline.

We value our alumni community. Once you’ve completed a coach training programme with Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair, you will unlock a number of exclusive benefits including discounts, coaching clinics, peer coaching, social impact project opportunities and more! Learn more about the ways we continue to support coaches who have trained with us here

I want to become a mentor coach!

“What has impressed me most is the underpinning rigour of their technical knowhow and (given the gravitas of mentor coaching work) how they have managed to keep the delivery of the content ‘light touch,’ emergent and very enjoyable. This programme really helps one get to grips with the complexities of the credentialing process thoroughly and builds one’s confidence and competence as a mentor coach. In my view this programme provides the vital learning needed (and not previously available) to mentor coaching colleagues towards a credential co-creatively and effectively.”

Sheena Bailey, PCC, Coach Supervisor and Mentor Coach

“I really appreciated the learning and sharing with Hilary and Tracy and colleagues on the programme. It gave much to think about in terms of powerful and effective coaching, mentoring and potent written and spoken feedback. It’s helped me get even clearer about what I believe to be at the heart of coaching. It’s undoubtedly helped inform and shape my mentoring in a way that clients experience and appreciate. And I find it impossible to take a programme like this for helping others, without examining my own coaching with a critical eye. And that too has been very powerful.”


“The programme was a skillful deep dive into the ICF competencies and how to use them as a technical foundation for strengthening coaching rigour and skill. There were a whole range of different exercises, and experiential learning to both deepen connection with the competencies, and understanding how to assess against them most impactfully. What was really valuable was the sharing of experience and tips from Tracy and Hilary, which were truly helpful when coming to grips with the complexities of this competency set. I am an experienced, PCC coach, and found this deepening of awareness and skill in application most helpful.”

“Tracy and Hilary are amazing teachers and mentors. Extremely professional in every sense and a part from the mentor coaching skills they teach they have the ability to create fantastic energy in the group with a fun lightness and a non-judgemental atmosphere. Even exercises like coaching live felt Ok to dare jumping into. I can really recommend this training if you want to perfection your mentor coaching skills.”

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