Coaching in Healthcare – CPD Session

This CPD session is FREE to all Coach Advancement alumni.

July 11, 2024, 6 – 7.30 p.m. (London)

Join us to discover insights from Mohamad (Mo) S. Kasti, M.S., MBB, MCA, on the intricacies of the healthcare system, stakeholders involved, their specific concerns, and the formidable challenges they encounter. Gain valuable strategies, including dos and don’ts, for effective coaching in healthcare, as well as insights on overcoming entry barriers.

Mohamad (Mo) S. Kasti, M.S., MBB, MCA

Mo KastiMo Kasti is a distinguished author, thinker, coach, speaker, entrepreneur and family man. His passion centers around helping executive and clinical leaders elevate their thinking in times of transformation and capitalize on emerging growth opportunities. When terrains are shifting, and outcomes are uncertain, Mo is uniquely equipped to help leaders think outside the box. He is sought after for his expertise in leadership, strategy, innovation, and organizational/cultural transformation. With more than 30 years in business and healthcare, Mo is an expert in leadership, operations, culture and engagement. He is the author of Physician Leadership: The Rx of Healthcare Transformation on the transformational effects of leadership in medicine and Beyond Physician Engagement: A Roadmap to Partner with Physicians to be ALL IN! Mo’s next book is on Clinician Experience.
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