• Shwezin Win and her Children

From Scepticism to Advocacy


How Coaching Education Transformed Me as a Professional and a Parent As a sceptic of coaching, I never imagined it would play a significant role in my life, let alone enhance my skills as a parent. In my last corporate environment, my only experience of coaching, was fruitless and unhelpful. Why? Firstly, I was given Executive Coaching when I was at my lowest point. Even though I was in the final two, I didn’t get that top director role — something I had been striving for and worked towards my whole career. I was devastated, and I felt there was ...

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  • Linda Stephens, PCC, Art and Alchemy of Coaching participant

Linda’s Story: The Importance of Credibility


Linda Stephens, PCC (United Kingdom) is founder and Managing Director at Cobalt Red, an international executive coaching business geared toward senior C-suite professionals and those aspiring to become C-Suite. Alongside her paid business, Linda offers pro bono coaching to alumni of the African Leadership Academy (ALA). “These are the creme de la creme from all over the African continent. They go to Jo'burg, to go to university, they get an internship, they then go to Harvard, Stanford, or Oxford, and when they graduate with their Ph.D., that's when I meet them. They're usually in their late twenties or ...

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  • Kate Jennings, PCC, Art and Alchemy of Coaching participant

Kate’s Story: Learning the Alchemy of Coaching


Kate Jennings, PCC (United Kingdom) is an executive coach for Kate Jennings Coaching based in Stamford, just north of Cambridge. Kate works with a range of organisations in the UK and throughout Europe helping their leaders excel through developing leadership skills and behaviours. Kate come into coaching through counseling. Through her post-grad therapy qualification about 25 years ago, she decided she didn’t actually want to work as a therapist. “I've always been fascinated by how people tick, what makes us ‑ us, what we can do to bring out the best in ourselves,” she explains. In 2007, Kate ...

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  • Kim Jooste, Coach Advancement Alumni

Kim’s Story: From Hobby to Coaching as a Career


Kim Jooste, ACC (Netherlands), a chemical engineer who once saw coaching as a hobby, has now taken up coaching as a career. Through her coaching, she supports female executives in male dominated industries, helping them exceed their career goals and gain more confidence along the way. She also supports entrepreneurs in the renewable energy and circular economy sectors to help ensure that the new technologies they're developing can be deployed as quickly as possible to help save our planet. Kim enrolled in Coach Advancement’s Science and Art of Coaching programme in 2021, seeing it as an interim solution ...

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  • Kate Adams, Coach Advancement Alumni

Kate’s Story: Coaching for Sustainability


Kate Adams (London), is a Director at the Forward Institute, a Board member at ParalympicsGB and also offers coaching to sustainability professionals to support their important work for current and future generations. Familiar with sports coaching and mentoring, it wasn’t until the last 18 months that she really became familiar with coaching through her coach training and practice. A good friend recommended Coach Advancement’s Science and Art of Coaching programme for her coach training. She says, “I really enjoyed it and it really helped me have the space to think about what it means to be a coach. ...

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Carl’s Story


Carl Huelin is a men's coach from Jersey, Channel Islands. His company, The Rebooted Man, is a play on his journey—starting in the corporate world and over the past few years transforming his own life and seeing the need to help other men live their lives more powerfully. Carl is passionate about helping men prioritize themselves. He says, "I feel like if they can show up for themselves more powerfully, they can certainly show up for their family and friends in a much better way." When the opportunity to complete coach training in Jersey with Coach Advancement came ...

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Coaching for Mental Health


The Power of a Coached Mind “We become what we spend our time thinking about…” Proverbs 23:7 We all have a mind. If the brain is the hardware, the mind is the software. Our minds have the power to choose what we think about. It starts with “choice”. We can choose life-giving thoughts or toxic thoughts. What we decide to think about consciously or unconsciously will impact the outcome of our lives. As we celebrate International Coaching Week, I want to share with you the story of Mind, the United Kingdom’s leading Mental Health Organisation who chose to support their ...

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Coaching for Agility


From SCRUM Master to Professional Coach Femi Odelusi, a SCRUM Master and Agile coach, found the world of professional coaching and hasn't looked back since. "I’m a people’s person and love making a difference in other people’s lives. Through interactions and the encounters of people, I have one motive, and that’s to leave people better off than when I met them." He credits the Science and Art of Coaching programme for drilling "a lot of discipline and ethical ways of behaviour and values. It enabled me to actually deepen my self-drive to bring out the best in everyone that I ...

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Coaching for Momentum


Last year I took a break from my 20-year journalism career to start the book I'd always dreamed of writing. I had a premise that I loved and had been given great feedback about it from an already-successful author, so thought I was good to go. However, every time I sat down to write, nothing was happening and my motivation took a nosedive. It was then I had my first coaching session. After the first session, my coach quickly helped me identify that I was struggling with my confidence. Even though I had had millions of words published in newspapers and magazines, ...

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Enabling and Empowering High Performance


Andra Tocaciu is a Romanian living and working in Luxembourg. She is an accredited organisational psychologist and L&D Manager and has been fortunate to be with an organisation that supports learning and development. In fact, it was Andra's manager who recommended Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair's coach training programmes. "I had a knowledge of coaching from my psychology degrees and had been using it as part of my work in various contexts. It was very important for me to get some accredited training, especially from the ICF, which is the golden standard in coaching, just to make sure that my ...

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