Carl Huelin is a men’s coach from Jersey, Channel Islands. His company, The Rebooted Man, is a play on his journey—starting in the corporate world and over the past few years transforming his own life and seeing the need to help other men live their lives more powerfully.

Carl is passionate about helping men prioritize themselves. He says, “I feel like if they can show up for themselves more powerfully, they can certainly show up for their family and friends in a much better way.”

When the opportunity to complete coach training in Jersey with Coach Advancement came up in Spring 2021, Carl jumped at the opportunity.

“Having the ability to do an ICF qualified training course in Jersey was fantastic. It’s something that rarely happens or I don’t think has ever been available in Jersey before. I’d normally have to travel to London, and obviously that comes with various costs and timings and there are lots of other factors to consider. So having that locally on my doorstep was a real win … I can have a day in the classroom and then head off to the beach afterwards.”

Carl was also able to build community as well. He says, “It’s great doing it with other people locally as well. You get to meet people from a few different sectors that you might not have met before.”

Throughout the Science and Art of Coaching programme, Carl not only learned more about ICF standards and methodologies (the “science”), but also the how to put his own spin on it (the “art”). He was able to learn new techniques and how to show up differently for his clients. He says, “I think how it’s enhanced me as a coach is it’s given me a confidence to know that I was doing things kind of along the right path, which was great.”

Carl also appreciated how the course was broken up. “It’s not like a big five day course that you do all in one go and then never do it again.” The Science and Art programme is broken down into three sets of classroom sessions. He says, “it was much more manageable, easier to digest … being able to split it out over the year and then have time between the sessions to practice what you’d learn. It made it a lot easier to integrate into your schedule. It made it easier to put to practice what you’d learn.”

Outside of his coaching business, Carl is creating men’s groups, both in Jersey and online. In his own journey, mental health has been something he’s worked on himself and become very passionate about. Utilizing the coaching skills he’s gained through  coach training, Carl uses the groups to create spaces for men to speak openly and be listened to. This space also allows him to ask powerful questions. He says, “I think these are the sorts of things we learn as a coach where we can just kind of unwind what is going on and you can see that there’s more there. And just by knowing when to ask that question or what to ask in a certain way, that it really helps people realize what’s going on for them or gives them a bit more opportunity.”

When Carl was going through his own struggles, he recognized coaching as an alternative to the options of counseling and therapy. While “those things obviously have the right place, I realized I needed to take action more than anything else. And coaching has helped me realize those things that maybe I wasn’t doing. And, it challenged me to be a better person and do things in a different way and realizing that I had to push myself out my comfort zone and take on different things.”

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