Coaching in Conversation

Coaching: A Journey


As coaches, we love our metaphors, so I’m going to take you on a journey. I’m based in London, so let’s make it a journey of several tube stops. Stop 1 – Getting Unstuck One grey morning about a decade ago, I was walking to work and saw some waste collectors load bins into their rubbish truck. I was surprised by the wave of jealousy that washed over me. They knew exactly what they needed to do to have a successful day on the job. For the first time in my professional life, I was feeling stuck. I didn’t know ...

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Coaching for Health


Embracing New Horizons I have been a medical doctor for 36 years and NHS General Practitioner for 30 years. Through being a GP Appraiser and mentor, and having personal coaching from the NHS, I became interested in training to be a coach and was fortunate to be supported to undertake coach training with Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair in 2019. Having always been curious and interested in people's stories, this seemed like a natural progression of my skills. I had always thought of my myself as empathetic, a good listener, and keen to help others move forwards with their issues. ...

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Coaching On and Off the Water


"Don't underestimate the power coaching has to help your own personal development as well as those around you. Coaching has a huge amount of power and you can apply it in ways that you never would have even imagined." Lisa Dickinson, ACC, a Human Resources manager, not only uses coaching in her professional life, but has found the skills she learned through Coach Advancement's coaching education incredibly valuable in her kayaking hobby and is working with women in gaining confidence in the water. Watch her full story here: There's never been a better time to become a ...

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