“Don’t underestimate the power coaching has to help your own personal development as well as those around you. Coaching has a huge amount of power and you can apply it in ways that you never would have even imagined.”

Lisa Dickinson, ACC, a Human Resources manager, not only uses coaching in her professional life, but has found the skills she learned through Coach Advancement’s coaching education incredibly valuable in her kayaking hobby and is working with women in gaining confidence in the water.

Watch her full story here:

There’s never been a better time to become a coach. Coaching has the power to enhance wellbeing, can integrate into any profession, and allows you to make a bigger contribution to humanity.

We pride ourselves in offering the very best in class coach-specific training and coaching skills development for those who want to be a professional coach, internal coach or manager or leader using great, impactful coaching skills as part of their leadership role.

As our logo suggests, we work closely with you to tap into the roots of your experience, values, resources and skills so that you can stretch, grow, find your wings and fly towards your goals. In this way, we support you to make the transition from aspiration to reality!

Learn more about our Level 1: Science and Art of Coaching programme!

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