I have had clients stuck in their limiting beliefs and assumptions that they and their situations are a certain way, impossible to change. Those beliefs have affected their potential to achieve what they want in life. But coaching has helped them to question whether their beliefs are valid and true.

Through coaching sessions, the client often realises that these beliefs and assumptions aren’t true and don’t serve them. Helpful questions include: What evidence do you have that this belief about yourself is true? What evidence do you have that the belief is not true? What is possible when you use your new learning about yourself and the possibility to change the situation? When they get the insights that it’s time to let go of the old beliefs and implement what is true, a shift has happened!

In exploring how they have managed to have success up to this point, they find that they already have the resources they need to accomplish what they want. It’s very helpful to look into actual situations when they have managed to solve a dilemma or handle a situation — to hear themself telling themself how they succeeded and what they did to make that happen. How did you manage to succeed? What resources within yourself did you use? What happens when you do more of what is working? What does that say about you and what you are capable of? What is possible when you use your potential?

When the client finds that they have the resources and the potential they need to make the changes they want, magic has happened.

Christina Skarin, PCC has been a coach since 2007. She is also a coach trainer and mentor coach. Chrstina is based in Sweden and has worked with people from all around the world and from various cultures. She has the ability to make people feel safe, seen and heart. Learn more about Christina at skarins.se.

This is a special International Coaching Week 2023 article. This week we will be sharing inspiring stories around the power of professional coaching. In addition, we’ll be celebrating with a series of special offers for our community.

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