Once I’ve completed Art & Alchemy, do I get my PCC?


Coach-specific training is one part of a credential application, along with building a log of client work. In addition, coaches need to complete at least 10 hours of Mentor Coaching as part of that application and in support of their preparation for the ICF Assessment process. This is a separate development activity to the training itself and can be completed by the coach with a suitable Mentor Coach. We offer this element through our Mentor Coaching Group Programme which runs twice per year. Learn more about the PCC credential here.

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What are the benefits of a PCC credential?


If a coach already holds an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential, they have the option to renew that credential when it expires after three years, as long as they have met the ICF's renewal requirements. However, if the coach is working actively with clients and is progressing towards the 500+ hours of client work required by ICF for a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential application, there is a great opportunity to take that next step in development! All ICF Credentials are considered to be Gold Standard and best in class, however the PCC Credential is often viewed in the marketplace ...

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Why do I need to do advanced coach training?


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) requires 60+ hours of coach-specific training as part of their Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential application and 125+ hours of coach-specific training for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential application. Our Science and Art of Coaching programme provides the ACC level coach-specific training element and Art and Alchemy of Coaching provides the PCC level of coach-specific training. Each programme offers approximately 75+ hours of ICF Accredited coach-specific training which comfortably covers the ICF requirement.

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Who is Art & Alchemy of Coaching for?


The Art & Alchemy of Coaching advanced coach training is for coaches who have already completed at least 60+ hours of coach-specific training. They may either already hold an ICF Associated Certified Coach (ACC) Credential and are now wanting to progress toward their ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential, or they may have completed their foundational coach training and are now looking for more advanced training at the PCC level. Coaches who have not yet completed their 60+ hours of foundational coach-specific training might be interested in our Science and Art of Coaching programme and then complete the Art and Alchemy of Coaching programme later on.

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How long are recordings for the 1-1 sessions kept?


ICF's guidelines on the GDPR aspect to this state that: "you mustn’t keep data for longer than necessary." In practice this means: reviewing the length of time you keep personal data; considering the purpose or purposes you hold the information for in deciding whether (and for how long) to retain it; securely deleting information that is no longer needed for this purpose or these purposes; and updating, archiving or securely deleting information if it goes out of date. Coach Advancement Limited will keep recordings for the duration of the mentoring programme, after which they will be deleted. ICF will keep a ...

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What information do I need to look at before the mentoring starts?


Whether ACC or PCC it is good to review the ICF Core Competencies, ICF Code of Ethics, minimum requirement documents for ACC and PCC, and the PCC markers. All can be found on the ICF website and details of these are sent to you as part of your joining instructions to our Group Mentor Coaching Programme.

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Which transcriptions services do you recommend?


There are a number of services available, and which one you chose will depend upon your budget. Their transcription must meet the requirements noted above.

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