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Cultivating high-performing Agile organisations that unleash people’s creativity and passion.

Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair is proud to partner with the Agile Centre community with coach training opportunities.

Agile Centre believes that in order to succeed in an increasingly turbulent and competitive marketplace, organisations need to be more adaptive, more innovative and more engaging places to work. We believe passionately that people have a right to perform meaningful work, to be trusted to do the right thing and to be supported in their ongoing development.

Agile Centre offers online and in-person Certified Agile and Scrum training — led by experts with decades of experience as Agile practitioners, Agile coaches, and Certified Scrum Trainers.

About the Agile Centre

Agile is an adjective. To be agile is to be nimble, adaptable, responsive. Organisations that strive for agility are able to course-correct, based on real customer feedback and market conditions. They still deliver quickly, just now more accurately. Business Agility is not the goal, however. It is simply a great way to achieve the true goal — which is delighting customers and achieving high-level business outcomes.

Agile ways of working also means more collaboration, transparency and efficiency. It’s a proven approach best suited to complex work — that is, work where the answer is not always apparent from the outset. Work where it’s best to test, experiment and gather feedback before then moving forward with more clarity. Work involving software or people… which covers a large section of the world of work!

Striving for agility also requires Agile Leadership, and it requires Agile Coaching. We help with both — training and mentoring leaders and coaches to develop their capability to be able to lead their organisations to new heights.

John McFadyen

John McFadyen

Karim Harbott

Karim Harbott

Certified Agile Training Courses

We offer a range of certified Agile Training courses. Most of our courses are certified by the Scrum Alliance, the largest agile accreditation body in the world. These include role-specific courses for Scrum MastersProduct OwnersAgile Coaches and Agile Leaders. Take a look at our website to see exactly what services we offer to each role type here.